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Intuitive Interface

All Digital Tweaks tools have been designed to be simple and yet intuitive, this coupled with high level of automation makes them simple to use.

Advanced Features

We understands that IT professionals might want more usability out of our software, that’s why our software key advanced features.

Wizard Driven

Driven by an ultra-intuitive wizard, making the whole process of converting between email clients a breeze even for novice users.

Dedicated Support

Passionate support, we believe that just having, great software is not enough; that’s why customer support is an integral part of our business process.

Mail Import Export Tools by Digital Tweaks

Choose from a wide range of Email Conversion Tools at Digital Tweaks and get done with those Time Consuming Tedious Email Migrations effortlessly.

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool

Digital-Tweaks-Apple-Mail-Export-ToolHelps export Apple Mail data to a number of Email Applications that include Outlook 2011 for Mac, Thunderbird, Entourage etc. Achieve easy migration of Emails from Apple Mailbox using Apple Mail Export Tool.

List of Conversions:

  • Export Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac
  • ExportApple Mail to Thunderbird
  • ExportApple Mail to Microsoft Entourage
  • Export EMLX files to EML format
  • Export EMLX files to RGE format 
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Digital Tweaks Mailbox to PST Export Tool


Helps export Apple Mailbox to Windows Outlook compatible PST format files. Unlike other tools, this tool makes the task of Exporting Apple MBOX files to PST so plain and simple that it requires no further technical assistance.


  • Export PST from Apple Mail for Mail Migrations
  • Easy to Use interface
  • Fully Automated Conversion Wizard
  • Time Efficient Email Conversions
  • Multiple Format Compatibility
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Digital Tweaks Outlook Mac Export Import Tool

Digital-Tweaks-Outlook-Mac-Export-Import-Tool Helps export important user data from Outlook MAC OLM format to a wide number of Email platforms. Import these Outlook Mac OLM files to formats that are compatible with Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, PostBox etc.

List of Conversions:

  • Import/ Export OLM to Apple Mail
  • Import/ Export OLM to Thunderbird
  • Import/ Export  OLM to Entourage
  • Import/ Export OLM to MBOX Format
  • Import/ Export OLM to EML format
  • Import/ Export OLM to RGE Format (Entourage Archive database)
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Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool

Digital-Tweaks-Apple-Mail-Import-ToolHelps import Windows Outlook PST files to Apple Mail, including Apple Mail imports. Achieve the most efficient PST to MBOX & EML conversions using Apple Mail Import Tool.

List of Conversions:

  • Import Outlook PST to Apple Mail
  • Import Outlook PST to Entourage
  • Import Outlook PST to Thunderbird
  • Import Outlook PST to MBOX format
  • Import Outlook PST to EML format
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The Distinguished

Migrating from one Email Application to another can become a tedious and time consuming process. But the good part is, with some expert help any technical problem can be solved or simplified in no time. Digital Tweaks is that Expert Help. When it comes to Migrating between email clients, we at Digital Tweaks offer unparalleled tools and solutions.

Highly Responsive

Transferring emails from one system to another may seem like an easy thing, but in reality, for most of us, it can be quite time-consuming and an annoying experience. To make matters worse, you always stand the risk of losing some part of your data while migrating from one email platform to another.

Customized email migration solutions

Many people wish to migrate from one Email client to another but experience many problems due to lack of technical assistance or risks involved during the Email Conversion process. In a Nut Shell- “Digital Tweaks is a one Stop Personal Email Migration technical assistant, for all your Email Conversion needs any time of any day”

Choose from a Wide Range of Conversion Tools

At Digital Tweaks, we have a wide range of Email conversion tools to choose from providing you with the freedom to switch between email clients at will. Export/Import emails between Email Applications including Apple Mail, Windows Outlook, Mac Outlook 2011, Thunderbird, Entourage, and many others a breeze.

High Performance Delivered

Get the best Email migration softwares at one location. Our email conversion tools are specifically designed to mitigate the risk of data corruption and/or loss, generally associated with many other email migration solutions. The efficiency and performance of Digital Tweaks Email migration tools are guaranteed to perform as advertised.

All the Right tools, right where you need them

Digital Tweaks is the one pit-stop location where users can find various tools to migrate email from one Email application to another. You needn’t bother searching for different tools for converting one specific Email application to another. All Email Conversions tools are brought to you at one Location with Digital Tweaks.


Expert Support

If it is complete Email conversion technical assistance that users are looking for, then Digital tweak is the most appropriate answer. Get round the clock Technical help and expertise at Digital Tweaks for all Email Migration processes. You can feel the difference of what it is about when working with the best experts in the line of Email Migration tools.


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    Mathew Wallace

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    Although I’m not the one to write reviews on regular bases, I am making this exception as I am very happy with email migration software. The product is great the service is even better. I would like to thank digital tweaks. You guys just rock. Keep it up people.
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    We are very impressed with the level of commitment you guys have displayed for your products and appreciate the robust customer support.
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    I’m a system admin. As macs have become more popular these days I was looking for a complete cross platform solution, as it was a constant request from the company’s employees. It was a constant drain on my times having to migrate the emails to and fro between different platforms. But after using Digital Tweaks Email import/export Tools my job has become quite straight forward. I just wanna thank you to Digital Tweaks’ entire team and wish them luck.


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