How to Fix Apple Mail Export Mailbox Process Data Loss Issues?

Apple Mail export Mailbox

What is the common practice of email client users; it is exchanging email files, storing contacts, taking notes, scheduling calendar events etc in the account. In fact, they can make use these platforms more than this, according to the features of particular email application. Furthermore, all the email programs assist to categorize the email files and save them in specific data folders for the convenience of users, but Apple Mail avails different apps for storing contacts and calendar entries, i.e. address book and ical respectively.

…Apart from this, email programs support particular email file format to store the entire content. For instance, Mac Mail is compatible with MBOX; Outlook 2011 uses OLM format to keep the files organized. But due to this different file format, the users can’t directly access one email client data in another; they need to convert the file format.

Necessity to perform Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011!

The Mac Mail users who want to migrate to Outlook 2011 platform, and want their all MBOX files to be moved to Outlook Mac, they need to perform transition from MBOX to OLM format. This conversion facilitates them to adequately access all the email items. But is this conversion so easy to perform? Does it appropriately perform Apple Mail export Mailbox content?

…It exactly depends upon the type of solution you choose to convert data. For instance, if you have a huge Mailbox incorporated with thousands of files, and then you definitely require a highly powerful and versatile tool that migrates the complete data without getting you stuck with any kind of issues. Let’s compare two most commonly accepted ways for email migration –


   Manual VS automated way to Apple Mail export Mailbox appositely!

Eventually, the users have to select a solution based on requirements, so that they can move data correctly and free from flaws. The requirements may vary from user-to-user. Take a look at a few common needs, and then compare, which solution is appropriate for email transition.

  • Want to perform email transition between two specific email programs
  • Easy, fast and straightforward services to migrate email content
  • Want to move large size Mailbox data
  • Need to restore contacts and calendar along with messages etc
  • Require all items absolutely retained in certain folders as originally
  • Have non-English content in the email account

Depending on all such requirements, the users have to select a solution.

  • Manual methods utilized for Apple Mail export Mailbox to Outlook 2011 require you to get complete technical idea about how to perform transition. Aside this, it will be complex to manage with email migration for huge data, even may cause data loss/corruption issues and it also doesn’t sure about maintenance of all files exactly. So, it is generally ignored.
  • On the other hand, an automated email converter works based on an amazing concept and consists of all essence features. Thus, it transfers entire data automatically, without compromising data quality or altering hierarchical structure. Aside this, the software eradicates the risk of data loss/corruption issues and retains all files appositely. Additionally, this way saves a lot of time, money and efforts, along with gracious services of safe email migration.

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