How to Export Apple Mail to Outlook PST – Error-free and instantly?

export apple mail to outlook

The web is where you can acquire information regarding several methods to export Apple Mail Outlook data, but indeed they explain only about the advantages of particular method; you rarely get to know about the pitfalls of the services, before you use the methods in real. Here, you can get ideas about advantages and disadvantages of distinctive methods to convert data cross data, moreover, this complete information can assist you easily choose that which is the right method to meet your needs?

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Three main methods to convert Apple Mail to Outlook Windows –

By-default feature integrated in the email program to export/import data

  • Free programs to create importable files and then access data in new platform
  • A third party solution to export Apple Mail to Outlook, for instance, Digital Tweaks Mailbox to PST Converter
  • Let’s get detailed idea about every program or way to convert files –

Email program with integrated feature of export/import data

This is a very common choice of the users, when they don’t have much idea about technology. They just look for in-built option of import files. However, some people find it an inaccurate choice, as it may cause data loss.

Benefits –

  • Certainly, it is a free solution.
  • Moreover, it is easy to use, as by-default option is available.
  • It is fast in certain situations, like for conversion of fewer files.
  • In some cases, it helps to migrate contacts and account settings etc

Pitfalls –

  • Undoubtedly, there are certain disadvantages of this email migration method, such as –
  • It is inaccurate choice, when the account contains attachments, pictures etc.
  • It doesn’t give option to select the location to save converted files.
  • It doesn’t run automatically to export Apple Mail to Outlook.
  • It doesn’t check for which files need to be sent or which need not to be.
  • It fails to convert data exactly, if some specific file is missing.
  • If not properly works, it may cause data loss issues and makes files unreadable in new format.
  • Original information is lost, like message status, original date etc.
  • It is free and easy to use, but not appropriate for large scale email conversion methods.

Free Apple Mail Outlook conversion program

This solution is recommended for technical users who know how to use techniques and migrate data; moreover, who can spend time to sail through the process competently. It is kind of manual conversion that requires the users to be expert in complex codes to convert Apple Mail to Outlook; even it may require use of several tools or processes.

Benefits –

  • It is free of cost.

Pitfalls –

  • It is time-consuming method.
  • Needs expertise in technical conversion
  • Poor conversion may cause data loss
  • It is difficult to approach for most of the users, sometimes even for technical users.
  • It may cost loss of some items, like attachments, original message format, date, and even hierarchical structure of files etc.
  • Certainly, you can save a lot of money, but it costs you in different ways, by consuming so much time, data loss etc.

Third-party Apple Mail to Outlook Converter

Digital Tweaks email migration software is a well-designed tool based on years of expertise, for easy processing and apposite mail migration. It is suitable for all level conversions, including small scale or large scale email account transfer processes.

Benefits –

  • It is easy to use, as designed based automated approach.
  • It is fast to transit files.
  • It gives you option which files you want to export or which you don’t want to. You can add Apple Mail files for entire Mailbox switch over, as well as can select certain files which you need to transfer. Additionally, you can get an option to unselect unnecessary files at next step.
  • It follows direct and easy process, runs based on a few clicks.
  • Provides 100% efficient results
  • Apposite for Apple Mail Outlook switch over entirely, including contacts, calendar, messages etc.
  • Single go functionality service for entire conversion
  • Valuable for any size data files migration
  • Non-English content safety
  • Data maintenance in certain format, while keeping each and every property contained in the emails unaltered
  • Free trial opportunity for a few files
  • Self-sufficient solution to export Apple Mail to Outlook

Pitfalls –

Not free for complete Apple Mail to Outlook switch over

However, automated email migration software apps are not free of cost for entire mail conversion, but Digital Tweaks avails several license solutions based on varying needs of mail conversion. The users can approach the perfect utility license after taking a trial free of cost.

Three licenses for Apple Mail to Outlook Converter for Mac

As per the specifications, most of the users don’t want a large scale solution, as they want to migrate files only for one email account just as home user. Some people need it for a few numbers of accounts. So, based on every user’s demand, the Digital Tweaks professionals launched 3 distinctive licenses, such as –

  1. Home User ($49)
  2. Small Business ($299)
  3. Enterprise ($999)

apple mail to outlook converterLook for the best option as you need to convert files cross platform. Utilize all astounding features contained in the utility, by paying a very small cost. In fact, it is appropriate option for all group users, even the non-technical and novice users. Migrate Apple Mail Outlook Windows process just with a few clicks and obtain immediate outcomes.

You can take a free trial as mentioned above to make sure about the certainty of safe transition. Look for further details; you can find several other software apps utilized for other email platform conversion. Choose the right tool with required license; you can save money, time and efforts to transit files cross platform superiorly. It is instant and error-free method to get done with complex conversions also!export apple mail to outlook

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