Need to Export only Apple Mail Contacts without Exporting the Mailbox? Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool has the Answer

Convert Apple Email Contact to Outlook 2011

When you look for a better Mac compatible email client as an alternative to Apple Mail, chances are that that you would most likely go for a versatile email client like Outlook 2011 for Mac or Thunderbird. In case of an email client switch, the first thing you want to do is save Apple Mail contacts before saving anything else. But how would you do that if you don’t wish to transfer the rest of the Apple Mail data?

Digital Tweaks has an easy solution –

Apple Mail Export Tool, a primer tool to export Apple Mail address book fast and with full accuracy.

   How is Apple Mail Export Tool Different from other Ways to Export Apple    Contacts?

Third-party Apple Mail conversion tools like Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool are not the only method to export Apple Mail contacts. Ways like integrated importer, as the one in Thunderbird; and manual methods may also serve as solutions of sorts; only of sorts though. While the latter solutions also help migrate Apple Mail contacts in isolation rather than the entire Apple Mailbox, they may not offer a fool-proof way of conversion. What usually may go wrong is that the data related to contacts, for e.g., images, phone numbers, other contact details may just get lost while conversion.

migrate apple mail contact

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool guarantees to convert Apple Mail contacts completely andexport apple mail contact exactly as they are in Apple Mail. Whether you need to migrate Apple Mail contact to MBOX, OLM, RGE or EML, Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool guarantees fast, accurate and complete results.

  • Export Contact Apple Email to RGE

The tool gives you the option of converting EMLX Apple Mail contacts to MS Entourage 2004-08. For this the tool will change the Apple email contacts to RGE format.

  • Convert Apple Mail Contact to MBOX

Another option is to transform the data from EMLX to MSF (MBOX) in case you wish to export Apple Mail contact to Thunderbird for Mac.

  • Export Apple Email Contact to OLM

In case you are looking forward to switch you contacts to Outlook for Mac 2011, the tool will give you the option to export Apple email address contacts to OLM format.

  • Migrate Apple Mail Address Book to EML

Moving Mac Mail contacts to EML is another option that Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool presents you with.

The Option to Choose Export with Apple Mail Export Tool

The procedure for Apple email address contact migration with Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool takes just 6 steps which last just a few moments.

Step 1:

You will have to launch Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool from within your applications

apple email contact

Step 2:

This step loads all the Apple Mail data. If you want the Apple Mail files from the same Mac, just click on “Auto Load” option. However, if the case may be that you need to load files from another Mac, or have archived the files from another Mac already, you need to browse the files and click “Open”

apple contacts application

Step 3:

At this juncture you will be able to all the files that have been loaded. This is a crucial step for you because here is where you choose to export Apple Mail contacts only. So you unselect all the other files that have been uploaded.

apple email address contact

Step 4:

Now you choose the destination format from a list of RGE, MBOX, OLM and EML

apple mail address book

Step 5:

Choose “Export” so that the tool can migrate Apple Mail contacts for use by the destination email client.

Also choose a location where you shall like your Apple contacts to be saved and click “Save”.

contact apple email

Step 6:

The task will be complete as soon as you see the message “Operation Completed Successfully” on your screen.

convert apple mail contact