Export From Apple Mail To Outlook Windows Made Easy

Apple Mail To Outlook Windows

Mailbox to PST Export Tool is the right toll for people looking to make a move from using Apple mail to Outlook for Windows. In line with our Motto, this tool has been designed to be easy to use right from the start. Driven by an intuitive wizard, the tool delivers robust performance and is yet simple enough for novice users.

Migrating from Apple Mail to Outlook proses a unique challenge not only are you switching between different email clients but also between different platforms as well. That’s the reason we came up with a software that runs on you mac itself, you no longer have to manually move the Apple Mail files from your Mac to you PC for the conversion. All you have to do is run Mailbox to PST Export Tool right on you mac, it will export mails from Mac Mail to Outlook  and stores all the data in a simple to move folder which can be therein imported into Outlook for windows.

Salient features

  • Highly automated conversion processExport From Apple Mail To Outlook

All digital tweaks products are designed keeping in mind the end user. Our email import/export tools are simple yet intuitive; making them ideal for regular users. We have been able to strike a balance between usability and ease of use. Our email migration tools transforms as per users demand, it can be easy to use and/or as feature rich and powerful as you like.

  • Mac compatible

Mailbox to PST export tool is the only Mac compatible Apple mail to Outlook export tool. What that means for you is that you no longer have to go through the process of moving your apple mail files to window for the conversion. The conversion happens right on you Mac. In fact you don’t even need to have access to a PC to Export Mails from Mac Mail to Outlook.  All you need is a mac system with Mailbox to PST export tool installed and you’re ready to go. Once the mailbox files have been converted to PST you can move the files to you windows based Outlook.

  • Convert multiple emails and/or user

Using advanced batch processing engine, it’s able to export multiple Mailbox emails/users to PST simultaneously.

  • Upto 50 times faster export from Apple Mail to PST

Our Apple Mail to PST Convertor’s engine is upto 50 times faster than the competition.

  • Unread message status are migrated to your Outlook

Don’t miss out on any unread message. The read/unread status will be maintained. You may even choose to move read and unread emails into different folder.

  • Got emails in Arabic? No problem

Leveraging the Unicode data, Mailbox to PST export tool supports most of the major world languages. Even the languages that use double byte data can be migrated accurately.

  • Migrate attachments along with the email body.

Apple Mail to PST Export Tool not only Exports from Mac Mail to Outlook, but also the attached files.

  • Exhaustive and Accurate conversion of Contacts

Covert and migrates your contacts from Mac Mail to Outlook, along with your emails. Even the profile pictures are migrated along with the associated contact.

  • Converts and migrates even your calendar

Converts and migrates your Calendar along with all the associated events.

  • Backed by our money back guarantee

We are so sure that our Mailbox to PST tool will meet or even surpass your email migration needs that we back it by a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked).