A Remarkable MBOX File to Outlook 2011 Converter

MBOX Converter

Now, you can make a speedy and simple switch over from Apple Mail to Outlook 2011 with the best MBOX Converter. Digital Tweaks rewards you with its remarkable email migration software. Find essential information about the striking approach of the tool below.

Apple Mail, by name imparts that it is an email program compatible with Mac OS X. Entirely because of its prodigious email services, and as it is available by-default on OS X, this application is recognized an incredible platform. Moreover, its high standard MBOX file format support, additional features for maintaining the messages, contacts, calendar separately and the convenience to use etc., are the reasons behind its popularity all over the globe. Still, many Apple Mail users want to move to a professional email client, like Outlook 2011 for Mac.

How to perform MBOX file conversion accurately, while making a switch over between the email programs and get surety about the safety of the entire content?

Apple Mail Export Tool!

The answer to your above query is an Apple Mail Export Tool that has been created with the amazing blend of key features, advanced technology based email conversion approach and simple interface etc. Exactly, being an absolute way to convert MBOX files to OLM format, retaining all the files in the new platform, while also facilitating to manage the email files; the MBOX file converter for Mac is on the top choice of the users. In fact, it provides a great and risk-free approach for transition of all Apple Mail files to Outlook for Mac. The entire technique just works based on the few mouse clicks; definitely, we can say it is an automated way out. Let’s understand the functionality and approach below –

Smooth functionality of free MBOX Converter

As the advanced technology tool has been designed to facilitate users with its easy and straightforward services; we can get an idea that how smooth it will be to convert MBOX to OLM format using the Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool. For a fact, the entire backend approach that has been programmed in a way of algorithm begins to work, as we operate using the mouse. Absolutely, it is based on instructions that how to perform the email conversion procedure and we have to just click the mouse. With this simple approach, we can complete the conversion process accurately and successfully, within a few seconds.

Additional aspects of the email converter

Furthermore, the tool has been devised with key features, like – safety of Unicode content, migration of entire data, including the messages, contacts, calendar etc., transfer of multiple email files in a single step, even for bulk size files and lot more. All these attributes of the MBOX file converter make certain that you can acquire 100% efficient services using one utility only. Obtain the most effective and flawless services with the remarkable tool free of cost!

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