how to export apple mail to thunderbird

how to migrate Apple Mail to thunderbird

How to Export Apple Mail to Thunderbird in the Safest Way?

Digital Tweaks Apple Mal Export tool offers the most expedient choice if you are wondering how to export Apple Mail to Thunderbird with utmost precision and safety. It is definitely a big decision to export Mac Mailbox to another email client like Thunderbird and so, the fear of data loss and inconvenience is quite natural. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool alleviates this fear and makes this export super easy.

Why is Digital Tweaks the Best Choice?

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool is a converter that amalgamates a number of functions in itself. It is not only capable to lead you to how to export Apple Mail to Thunderbird but also has other functions to offer.

  1. Export Apple Mail to Outlook 2011
  2. Apple Mail Export Mailbox to Entourage
  3. EMLX to RGE format
  4. EMLX to EML format
  5. EMLX to OLM
  6. EMLX to MBOX

It is indeed very easy to do all this with Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool for it is infused with the features that make it the best Apple Mail to Thunderbird converter in the industry. Following are six simple steps that tell you how to convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird within a very short span of ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Step 1:

Simply launch Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool form the application with just one click.


On the top left hand corner of your application screen you will find an icon reading “Load Apple Mail Data” to load the Apple Mail files. This will load all your Mac Mail files into the converter and lead you to other options that tell you how to move Apple Mail to Thunderbird.

However, if you have archived the Apple Mail files, you need to browse them and open them for loading them into the tool.

Step 3:

This will load all the mails and you will be able to see them in the preview window. You can unselect the files that you wish to leave out of conversion.

Step 4:

Now choose the format as Thunderbird

Step 5:

Now press “Export”; choose a location for saving the converted files; and press “Save”

Step 6:

Your job is done when you see the message saying “Operation completed Successfully”.

Just follow these six steps and make the safest conversion.

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool is one tool that fulfills its promises in a 100% authentic manner. You can download the free trial version of Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool and get a fair idea of how to convert Apple Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird and of the tool works efficiently. Also, when you buy any of the three premium versions of Apple Mail Export Tool you get entitled to a money back guarantee that is valid up to 30 days of purchase. If you feel that the tool falls short of its claims, you can simple claim for cash back.