Enhance Emailing With New Outlook Mac Program – Export Mailbox to OLM

how to export mac mail to outlook 2011

Outlook has been improved a lot with time; in fact, enhanced user interface and new advance features contained in the email program will greatly be useful for the users to manage emailing, calendar etc in a better way. Have an amazing experience with this ultimate email program for Mac and get professional emailing services.

Are you currently using Mac Mail program with a standard file format support? No doubt, it is an excellent email platform widely accepted by OS X users, and also available by default on Mac. Apple Mail supports additional apps to store contacts and calendar, i.e. address book and ical respectively. Moreover, it keeps messages in Mailbox, separately stored in data folders as per their categories. Apart from its excellent and user-friendly emailing facilities, the users have been moving to other email programs, certainly for professional requirements, i.e. Outlook 2011, Outlook Express etc. Are you also planning to switch from Mailbox to Outlook Mac, but

How to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 for previous MBOX files?

Want to switch over from your previous Mailbox program and have a large set of email items contained in distinctive data folders? Surely, you will be looking for an ultra-smart solution that will be perfect to move entire set of required files collectively and absolutely to specific data folders. Moreover, this requires you to transfer the MBOX files into OLM format, which ascertain about efficacious accessibility of email files. For this, several solutions have been provided by the experts; these can be manual ways or now-a-days, we can also obtain automated tools to migrate email content. Get mandatory information on about how to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2011 appositely and immediately!

export mac mail to outlook 2011

how to export mac mail to outlook 2011

       Professional solution by Digital Tweaks on how to export Mac Mail  to Outlook 2011!

While contemplating the varying needs of users, the experts have launched outstanding automated tools; even they facilitate self-sufficient email conversion tools to export/import content between particular email programs. Such a brilliant utility is available for Mac users; Digital Tweaks offers a competent and credible email converter that is suitable to perform transition from Apple Mail platform to Outlook Mac OS X, even including the transfer of email messages, contacts, calendar and other related MBOX files.

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Export Tool – useful to convert MBOX to OLM!

Digital Tweaks rewards the users with a full-fledged, automated email converter that is certainly designed to perform email transition within a blink of an eye. Also, the experts provide essential information about how to export Mac Mail to Outlook 2011. Install the tool directly on OS X, and run the software easily as instructed in the documentation. The users have to just click the mouse and entire procedure is performed automatically.

…The software precisely transfers entire set of email files and just in a matter of a few seconds. Get required information; take a trial free of cost to acquire practical idea about Mac based email migration accurately!