How to Recover MBOX Files In Outlook PST Windows?

mbox to pst converter free

Want to export Mac Mail files to Outlook Windows with email client switch over, but have not much expertise in how to get done with this email content transfer process? Definitely, the risk of data loss/corruption arises due to lack of knowledge or with selection of an unsuitable solution to perform email migration. Thus, before you purchase an email converter to convert MBOX to PST free, obtain comprehensive idea about the requirements and the way to migrate data.

How to discover right MBOX to PST Converter free?

A perfect email converter is one that facilitates absolute data switch over offer as per needs, without creating any kind of issues. Moreover, it should be appropriate to export data immediately and without any kind of hassle. To exactly move Mac Mail MBOX files to Outlook for Windows PST format, you will be looking for an advance tech, fast, automated and self-sufficient email converter that delivers services to convert MBOX to PST free completely. Comprehend all about your requirements and find out, which is the most suited utility availing adequate services to attain the perfection in outcomes. Also, these days, you can acquire a practical analysis offer to recognize that if the software is worthwhile.

    Convert MBOX to PST free, even free from flaws!

With an amazing email converter selection, you can surely attain the targets correctly. Moreover, there is no risk of data loss/corruption issues. As a matter of a fact, the high-tech tools are packed with all essential features to export files cross platform, as well as sorts out all issues absolutely, to deliver 100% efficient outcomes for Mac. Find out an all in one solution with Digital Tweaks; the experts have designed a full-fledged MBOX to PST Converter free that follows a straightforward procedure and migrates entire data just with a few clicks. Take a look below, how does the software work to transfer specific email files to Windows Outlook instantly.

Installation scenario of Digital Tweaks MBOX to PST Converter free!

Follow the subsequent steps to install and run the software for your convenience and data integrity with email program migration cross platform –

  1. Launch Digital Tweaks Mailbox to PST Export Tool on Mac OS X.

Take a look at the screenshot below –
mbox to pst converter free

  1. Neglect the empty folders. Get an option for this, on your home screen.

Further, click on “Load Apple Mail data” button and select appropriate one from further given options.

  • If you want to move entire Mailbox data to Outlook Windows, click on “Auto Load” button. This loads all the files automatically to the application for further procedure.
  • You can also select a few files according to your choice. Click on “Open” button and select the files which you have archived from Apple Mail client.

Take a look at the screenshot below –

convert mbox to pst free


  1. After selecting the files according to your choice, all the selected files emails will be uploaded automatically into the application. Here, in the application, you can see the list of email folders in the Windows and can further get option to unselect folders. If you don’t want to migrate any of the folders or files, unselect them using this option.


Take a look at the screenshot below –




  1. Click on “Export” button to start the email conversion process. Also select the location where you want to store the converted content.


Take a look at the screenshot below –


  1. Start the email conversion process execution with export button click. Select the desired location to save migrated data and click on “Save”.


Take a look at the screenshot below –