The Best of Options to Import Microsoft Outlook Mail to a Mac

Transfer Microsoft Outlook Mail

Options are always there. We just have to look for them and as the rule of nature goes, there will always be one best plausible option. So, an implication of this is that when we explore the option to import Outlook email for Mac we are bound to come across at least three of them:

Through Manual Hacks to Import Outlook Email to Mac
Through an Import Feature that is Integrated in Your Email Client for Mac
Through a Professional Tool like Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool

What’s the Difference between these Three Ways to Transfer Microsoft Outlook Mail?

These three approaches to import Outlook Windows Mail differ in their procedure, performance as well as features. Though the aim of all the three means of conversion is the same yet the results produced by them may differ in each case.

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As far as Microsoft Outlook Mail import is concerned there are places where a user could falter if the method is not fine enough. The hazards are many, but these very hazards are the ones that tell a good means of conversion from an inefficient one.

  What are the Hazards that We may Face while We Migrate Outlook Mail?

  • microsoft outlook mailThe safety of the data may be put at stake when we make the conversion with a method that is not inclusive. The Microsoft Outlook Mail may simply get corrupted and it may be too late to recover them when you find out.
  • The variety in script, i.e., the inclusion of diacritics, special symbols or non-English scripts like Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., makes it difficult for a non-comprehensive method of conversion to deliver accurate results.
  • When you need to import Outlook email to Mac in a short span of time but if the number and size of your email accounts is big, it becomes very difficult to manage the same in a short span of time.
  • While you convert Outlook email, the attachments and embedded messages are open to the risk of being distorted or being left out altogether. This is a kind of data loss that may be partial in nature but is a loss all the same.
  • The PST files that support Microsoft Outlook Email are terribly volatile in nature, primarily because of swelling as well as simultaneous online operation. If these any flaw in theses PST files is not corrected before we import Outlook email the results too will be corrupted or inaccurate.

Which is the Approach that Transfers Outlook Email to Mac Most Skillfully?

The first two approaches, i.e., manual and that of an integrated import tool may at not fare as well as the third approach, i.e., an automated professional solution like Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool for the following simple reasons:

  • Manual and integrated approaches do not guarantee precise results; Digital Tweaks does.
  • An integrated tool may do some import dexterously but may still fail when bigger, more typical conversions are to be done; manual methods may fail too; Apple Mail Import Tool handles all sorts of conversions.
  • The safety of the data is assured only by Digital Tweaks; the other two alternatives are “Use at Your Own Risk” category.
  • Recovering broken PST files is not a cup of tea for either manual conversion or integrated importers; only Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool can split, recover and repair the errant PST files before it imports Outlook Windows Mail to a Mac client.

So, make your choice a wise one and try Digital Teaks Apple Mail Import Tool for the most accurate results.

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