The Most Impressive Way to Import Outlook Contacts

Outlook Contacts File

Buying a Mac means using Apple Mail and switching to it from a Windows machine means you will have to import data from your Outlook account.  The one thing that most users feel is imperative is to import Outlook contacts into Apple Mail or any or any other email client for Mac, in case you don’t prefer Apple Mail. Transferring Outlook contacts is a task that requires meticulous effort because any glitch there can make you lose your precious contacts.

What Must Be Kept in Mind while Moving Outlook Contacts File?

Contacts are not only a collection of files; they are a result and also the basis of one’s professional growth. No matter which way one chooses to transfer Outlook contacts, there are somethings that may require special consideration.

import outlook contactsoutlook contacts file

  • Contacts are not just email ids. They could contain much more information like contact numbers, addresses and attached email ids. Losing any of these extra details is tantamount to loss.
  • Contacts may also have attached images which may be lost of the transformation of Outlook contact is not accurate.
  • If the test of the contacts contains non-Latin letters, double-type characters or diacritics, like in French, the conversion may not be accurate if a conversion method lacks in accuracy.

  What Keeps an Outlook Contact Intact while Transfer?

Only an efficient conversion method can keep contacts intact. If you are to move to Apple Mail, it means that you should be importing Outlook contacts to Apple Mail by changing the PST contact files to MBOX (EMLX) files.

You may follow a manual method or an integrated importer to make such a transfer, however, an automated converter is the one that always fares better than these two methods. One, because they tend to be slow; two, because they take a lot of time. So, importing contacts from Outlook can be done in the best possible time and cost-efficient manner with an Apple Mail import tool.

Importing Contacts from Outlook with Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool

transfer outlook contactsDigital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool places the prerogative in your hand. Unlike some other tools which make it necessary to import all the data from the Mailbox in one go, Apple Mail Import Tool lets you import Outlook email contacts or any other folder that you want without the obligation to import everything.

These are the profits that you reap with Apple Mail Import Tool

  • Total safety for Outlook contacts
  • Accurate results with Unicode conversion
  • No loss of data even in bulk conversion
  • Not even partial loss of data
  • Impeccably time-efficient performance
  • Impressively cost-efficient
  • Offers Demo version
  • Offers advanced versions for large scale conversions

If You Believe in “Try n’ Buy”

If this is your shopping motto, no matter what the product or service is, then Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool just fits in your scheme of things. Download the free demo version of Apple Mail Import Tool; be entitled to transfer Outlook contacts, along with emails and journal entries for free (10 each); and get the first-hand experience of importing Outlook contacts into Apple Mail effortlessly yet precisely.

transferring outlook contacts importing contacts from outlook