A PST Import Tool can be the Perfect Solution to Large Scale PST Import of Contacts

Import PST Outlook 2010

Large scale PST Outlook import is not a simple task to accomplish. You may, for once, rely on manual method to import PST Outlook 2010 but for large scale conversion like corporate email platform move requires professional help. And this professional help lies in a PST import tool of exceptional large scale conversion capabilities. But is it worth? May be, may be not! Let’s see what the odds are.

What are the Chances of Success if You Import PST Outlook 2010 Manually?

To answer it in a word, they are Bleak!

First thing, manual conversion is time taking process. Even if it is just the contacts that you want to move, it is going to take you ages if you do things manually.

Secondly, any manual method to import PST contacts can be 100% safe and efficient given the large number of email accounts and machines involved. So, a manual conversion will have a high success rate.

pst import toolimport pst outlook 2010

Consequently, it is a rare chance that manual conversion works for a successful PST Outlook 2010 import.

What are the Chances of Success with a PST Import Tool?

migrate pst contactsThe answer lies in the identity of such a tool itself. A converter that is consecrated to the import of PST Outlook data into other email clients that may or may not be Mac-based is a tool that we may generically call a PST import tool. So, by implication, we see that the every task of this kind of converter is specialised in making PST import. When you look for such tools, you find that there are versions of the tools especially meant for large scale or bulk conversion. With tools of this sort you can easily, quickly and safely migrate PST contacts. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is one of a kind that has 100% rate of success, with best in class time efficiency.

So, the chances of success are 100% if you choose the right kind pf converter that fits your migration need and size.

What Factors Guarantee 100% Success in PST Outlook Migration?

PST migration like any other migration needs to be safe and sound. The aim and function of a converter that strives to import PST contact into MBOX format must be in possession of these few in number but important factors

  • The Capacity for Batch Mail Handling

In order to transfer PST contacts on a massive scale, the converter should possess the ability to handle the data in batches. When we deal with data in bulk, it becomes incumbent on the tool that is handles it properly so that there is no confusion or loss while and after the data has been converted.

  • The Affinity for IT Use

When corporates opt for such a conversion as imports PST contact into MBOX format it can’t really be done one by one on different machines. It has to be led simultaneously. More often than not, this will be handled by the IT dept. of the company. The tool that you choose to convert PST contacts must have an affinity for IT use. It should be optimized in such a fashion that the IT personnel can use it in the best and the most time-efficient manner.

  • The Ability to Save Time

It should definitely save time. On a busy day in the corporate, wasting time can lead to cataclysmic consequences. Time is of essence here and it should not cost you a day to import PST Outlook 2010 contacts.

  • The Ability to Protect Data

Without this feature, your data may be as good as dead. The safety factor has to be there, no matter what.

Find all these features in Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool. To make a start, try our free version today.convert pst contacts

convert pst contacts