Making Windows Outlook Email to Mac Transfer a Cakewalk

Transfer Microsoft Outlook Mail

Moving out of a Windows machine into a Mac Machine is something a lot of users do. But how do they do it safely? Surely, manual conversion is not a possibility since not everybody can convert Windows email on their own. Another option could be importers integrated in clients like Thunderbird, but that too, is not much of a probability as not everybody prefers to migrate Windows email to Thunderbird. Thus, indubitably, most users rely upon a professional solution as exceptional as Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool.

What Makes Digital Tweaks a Popular Solution to Import Windows Outlook Email to Mac?

Now, it’s not every day that you convert Windows email to a Mac compatible client and so, whenever we do, that may be once in a lifetime. Evidently, how would one know how to do it? It is a totally separate matter if you excel at manual conversion. But what are the odds that you do?

windows outlook mailAn average email user who would want to transfer Windows email would look for a professiwindows outlook email to maconal solution that not only makes the conversion easy and accurate but also suits the pocket. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is one such tool that meets all these conditions. Since Windows Outlook email is housed by a Windows machine, the need to move to a Mac machine necessitates that the data be changed from Windows Outlook email PST format to the format that your Mac supportive email client requires. Digital Tweaks thus, offers vast possibilities. You can, so, change the Windows Outlook mail to MBOX, EML and RGE with Apple Mail Import Tool.

Since most email clients that are compatible with a Mac environment use MBOX format, Digital Tweaks opens you to a whole lot of options to convert Windows email into.

Following Features Make Apple Mail Import Tool a Unique Tool to Transfer Windows Email?

  • microsoft outlook mailSimplest ever graphic user interface
  • Easy instructions for download as well as operating procedure
  • Fastest ever Windows Outlook email converter
  • Wide choice of conversion formats
  • Fully compatible with Mac
  • Takes care of vulnerable PST files
  • Uses Unicode conversion to cover all kinds of characters, letters, digits and symbols of all languages
  • Makes sure that there is no data loss due to any reason
  • Takes care of arranging the data after the tool has converted Windows Outlook email to Mac
  • Manages bulk conversion very dexterously
  • Takes care of transferring all the attachments, calendar entries, notes, tasks, embedded messages, appointments, status tags, and all the metadata in one go
  • Gives a choice of conversion between different formats
  • Enables you to choose between files that you may not want to move

Trial Version of Apple Mail Import Tool

To provide the users with a chance to know the tool better before it can be bought, Digital Tweaks makes sure that a demo version represents Apple Mail Import Tool facilitating a pilot conversion. This demo tool can be downloaded gratis and is free from unwarranted malware that usually come as the companions of most freeware.

You are just one step away from unrivalled Windows Outlook Mail conversion.

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