Migrate From Windows to Macintosh Now!


Lots of reasons are convincing the users to move from their Windows system to Mac OS X!

An annoying experience of using Windows 8’s dueling interfaces or wanting to have a sleek MacBook Air are the main reasons to make a quick switch between the systems.

Elegant Macintosh interface:

Of course the new elegant appearance of the Macintosh is appealing the users and compels them to move forward with the latest technology OS X that contains intuitive interface and awesome apps. All the applications-designing and their functioning is so smooth that every user wants to closely use them, although they may have a requirement of a few tips to make use of every new application and technology they are switching to.

Easy to use OS X:

Another thing to consider about is – Windows system is easy to use as it has a familiar taskbar, but Mac OS X has a complex taskbar that the users can’t easily understand. Still the Macintosh is very easy to use and the users can conveniently switch from one application to another, by simply holding down the Command + Tab. It will provide a cycle through the applications contained in the taskbar or the user can swipe up to see all the options for applications.

Email client – an application for communication:

Along with the use of many Mac applications, a main application considered is an email client. Macintosh is available with so many email applications and the users can efficiently switch from their Windows based Outlook email client to Mac compatible application i.e. Mac Mail, Outlook 2011, Microsoft Entourage, Thunderbird etc.

Restoring email content:

While switching from Outlook to Apple Mail client, they can specifically restore their PST data in MBOX format. Yeah! The launch of advanced and ultimate email migration utilities, the cross platform email client switching is hassle free. With an easy move between the email applications, it is straightforward to keep important data preserved.

Make a move with an incredible choice to have a flawless data conversion solution!