Migrate Outlook PST to Thunderbird

PST to Thunderbird

Thunderbird’ is an open source email client by Mozilla. A versatile and user friendly app that is available for all the major email clients. With the ability to run on SMTP, POP3 and IMAP Protocols, it is one of the most versatile email clients out there. Using Apple Mail you can access email accounts from a host of different sources from a single location.

For people looking to Convert Outlook PST email to Thunderbird, Import contacts from Outlook PST to Thunderbird, digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool provides for a perfect solution. The complex and cumbersome process is handled easily and in an efficient manner.

pst to thunderbird

Import PST to Thunderbird

Please Note: You do not require Apple Mail or Thunderbird to be installed before you start the conversion process.

Step1: Launch Apple Mail Import Tool

PST email to Thunderbird

Step2: On the home screen you’ll see seven options:

  1. Ignore empty folders
  2. Filter by Mail; contacts and calendar
  3. Save read/unread email in separate folders
  4. Merge contacts in one VCF file per contact folder
  5. Merge calendar in one ICS file per folder
  6. Auto search source files (default)
  7. Manual select from a location on your Mac.

Once you have decided on the above mentioned options click on “add PST file” in order to select the PST file(s) that you have exported from your windows system to Mac.

PST to Thunderbird

Step3: At this stage you can pick and choice the folder you would like to be migrated. Once you have made the selection, next select the desired format to convert the PST file into from the drop-down list. In this case it would be Thunderbird/postbox Eamil, *.vcf, *.ics.

See the screenshot below:

Outlook PST to Thunderbird

Step4: Click on “Export” button and select the desired location where you want to save the converted file. The export process will start.

See the screenshot below:

Convert PST to Thunderbird

Step 5:After the conversion is completed you will receive “operation successfully completed message” followed by the conversion log file.

Thunderbird Conversions

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