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The OLM Converter free is a real present to people who are concerned with how to perform Outlook 2011 OLM to Mac Mail MBOX conversion simply over and beyond accurately. De facto, this email migrator is developed by professional programmers of Digital Tweaks team, so providing the most satisfactory services additionally with easy functionality. It transfers the files just in a matter of a few seconds.

…Literally, the Outlook 2011 database consists of a vast amount of information, including account info, email messages, contacts, calendar, notes and other items. However, in many situations, every user doesn’t require entire information to access, but what items they need to migrate from Outlook to Apple Mail must be preserved using a real OLM Converter pro that provides exact service to export/import OLM to MBOX, a compatible and portable file format. The Digital Tweaks email migration tool works efficiently to transfer data correctly; so it means, you don’t need to perform manual conversions for entire Outlook email box. It just runs with a couple of clicks and import data perfectly.

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OLM Converter Ultimate includes the following key aspects –

A hassle-free and direct approach for Mac platform – A reliable email Migrator serves to run effortlessly, while directly working on the Mac OS X. So users can straightforwardly launch their Outlook Mac Export Import Tool on their system and can run it appositely as instructed completely.
The simplest experience for Outlook to Apple Mail conversion – The professionally recommended tool delivers simplified conversion facility plus direct method that transfers OLM to MBOX, without any additional conversion platform solution. The users are completely guided that how to run the software for mail transition.
A perfect way for entire Outlook email box switch over – The OLM Converter pro is a well-suited solution to convert data explicitly, including contact list, calendar, task list, messages, notes etc. The users can select entire data or can select the archived files which they want to migrate. Options are given for convenience, as you follow the procedure to convert email files.
Multi-language conversion support is additional – As per some specific requirements, such as if the email account contains non-English content, then the OLM Converter free is precious way out that transfers any type content securely and absolutely.
Prevent data loss/corruption – Exactly, the users want to own a platform that helps them prevent data loss issues, moreover, delivers them a safe way to convert data files. The consistent approach working in the tool makes certain about absolute switch over, while it automatically sorting out mail conversion issues.
Easy to handle a large number of OLM files – The OLM Converter Ultimate is a smooth and sharp process to handle even a huge Outlook database significantly and conveniently. Even the users can transit entire data in a single step; working to extract data files from distinctive folders, converting them to a specific format and organizing all those files in certain folders, while making sure about keeping hierarchical structure intact.
Bulk data switch over is possible without hitches – It is exactly beneficial to export/import data even for huge size files. Forget the hassle of data conversion for large size attachments or messages etc; you can preserve the files while maintaining each and every small property contained in the emails.
Explicitly, the Outlook to Apple Mail Converter is absolute solution in terms of features to convert files from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail.

Support of wizard-driven OLM Converter free functionality –

olm converter proThe Outlook Mac Export Import Tool is a premier mail Migrator for all group users, to help them transit files just like a magical procedure. Acquire straightforward functionality support, even for free trial initially. Get hands on with OLM Converter pro now. Take a glance at how to run the software –

Launch Digital Tweaks Outlook Mac Export Import Tool from the applications.
Select the OLM files you want to migrate in two ways –
By clicking on “Add OLM files”, to convert whole data.
By selecting the files you want to migrate, rather than entire content.
Further, deselect option is given, to remove the items that you don’t want to convert from Outlook to Apple Mail, from the selected items.
Next, select the file format in which you want to export/import data. Choose *.mbox format from the drop-down list to transit files to Apple Mail.
Click on “Export” button to start process. Select the location where you want to save the transferred data files.
As the process gets completed, a message appears on the screen – “Operation Completed Successfully”.

It is a very simple and fast procedure followed by OLM Converter Ultimate. The user just requires to click mouse as per the steps and can immediately get done with convoluted and huge database switch over process fruitfully.

   A free approach of OLM Converter Pro

The professionals comprehend the requirements of users; thus they designed a fully-accomplished tool for convenient and accurate switch over. But when it comes to the price, many users avoid downloading expensive utilities. They opt for free offers. While understanding this need, the Digital Tweaks service provider has launched OLM Converter free that is for trial. During the trial, they can ascertain about the software, if it is apt way to export/import data, safe and timely, as well as can check for many other features. Indeed, it is a real gift for users, as they can make sure about effective services, before they pay for the utility.

You are satisfied with the email converter and want to convert entire data using it? Avail premium version Outlook to Apple Mail migration software at small cost. Ultimate offers are available for users, as per their needs and this is what the users mainly concern about. Choose the right version after complete analysis. You can get incomparable outcomes, if you have complete knowledge, plus, the right license email migration utility!

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