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Why Us?

Intuitive Interface

We have designed Digital Tweaks Outlook Mac Export Import Tool to be simple yet intuitive; in fact IT HAS made importing OLM to Mac Mail so simple that any simpler and it would replace “shooting fish is the barrel”.

Bells Whistles

Our team of developers understands that IT professionals might want more usability out of their Outlook Mac to Mac Mail Converter, that’s why we have included some key advanced features that enhance an already impressive application.

Wizard Driven

Digital Tweaks Outlook Mac Export Import Tool is driven by an ultra-intuitive, highly automated wizard, making it a breeze to use. The once tedious process of importing email from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail can now be achieved by a simple mouse click.

Dedicated Support

Support that is passionate, its Digital Tweak’s doing what it takes to make a difference for every customer, we understand that support plays any important role in customer experience, that’s why customer support is an integral part of our business process.



Export Outlook Mac mails to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage

Outlook Mac Export Import Tool not only let you import OLM to Apple Mail but also to Thunderbird, Entourage and a host of other emails clients.

Up to 50 times faster Export Mails from Outlook Mac OLM to Apple Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox

Leveraging a superior algorithm, our Mac Outlook to Mac Mail Migrator engine is up to 50 times faster than the competition, leaving you to attend to more important things in life. The Export OLM to MBOX is no longer a herculean task now.

Export Outlook Mac Mails to standard MBOX files or EML

When it comes to Outlook for Mac we are the experts. Our Outlook Mac Export Import Tool provides for one complete solution for your entire Outlook for Mac export needs. It flawlessly converts OLM to Apple Mail i.e. Outlook 2011 Mac mails to industry standard MBOX or EML format. Once converted, you can therein import the converted emails into a wide range of email clients that use the standard MBOX format.

Digital Tweaks Outlook Mac Export Import Tool will Export Mails from multiple olm files

Let’s assume a scenario; you have many Mac Outlook OLM emails in a number of different systems that need to be migrated. With the Outlook Mac Export Import Tool all you have to do is back the data from these systems on a common backup device and sit back and relax. Let our OLM to MBOX Converter for Mac free take care of Importing all mails, contacts and calendar in one go.

Export Outlook for Mac Contacts

Outlook Mac Export Import Tool lets you convert Outlook for Mac address book into standard vCard files. These vCard files can then be imported into a host of vCard compatible software address books, like Microsoft Entourage, Apple Mail or Thunderbird and so on. More than 40 contact fields are supported by Outlook Mac Export Import Tool including but not limited to notes, contact photo and so on.


Email Conversions. Uncomplicated

Backed by our money back guarantee

We are so sure that our Digital Tweaks Outlook Mac Export Import Tool will surpass your email migration needs, such as import Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail that we back it by a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked).

Got emails in Arabic, Japanese, Chinese?

No worries! We have you covered. Our Outlook Mac Export Import Tool will import OLM emails to MBOX keeping intact its original Unicode content. This implies that even the email content in languages that use double byte i.e. Arabic, Korean, Japanese etc. will be imported as is target email client format.

Export your Outlook Calendar to standard iCalendar

Export your Calendar Events to a standard iCalendar files. Ones converted you may import these iCalendar files into any number of email clients compatible with the iCalendar file format for example Apple iCal and Microsoft Entourage.


Digital TweaksOutlook Mac Export Import Tool – FAQ’s?

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  • Mathew Hamilton

    Support Specialist
    Dear Digital Tweaks!
    I just loved your Outlook Mac Export Import Tool. I had some 2000 odd contacts in my Outlook address book and a number of events in my calendar. It would have taken me days to get these into my iCalendar, but with you Outlook Mac Export Import Tool I was able to import everything that mattered from Outlook Mac to Apple Mail.
  • Jack Chang

    Sr. Vice President
    A powerful yet versatile tool at an affordable price, hats off to you guys. I just love the after sale support that was offered. So, I just wanna say thank you Digital Tweaks for such an awesome application. 
  • Solly Shimshilowitz

    Director - Operations
    Thank you Digital Tweaks for creating such an awesome application. I was looking for a way to migrate back to Entourage. I know it sounds lame but I was familiar with the application having used it for over 5 years. That’s where Outlook Mac Export Import Tool came in. I had read the “one click migration” claim that digital tweaks had put on their website I took it as a marketing gimmick. But all I can say, I am a believer now; one click is all it takes. 5 out of 5.

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  • Supports Exporting up to 100 Mail Accounts for All your Employees.
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  • Can be installed and run simultaneously on up to 10 computers.
  • Optimized for IT Support team members.
  • Supports Exporting Unlimited Mail Accounts for All the Employees.
  • Free Expert Support.
  • Free Updates for Life.
  • Can be Installed and run on Multiple Systems to speed up migrations.
  • Specially Optimized for IT Support team members.