Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool – Everything an Outlook Migration Tool Should Be

Outlook Migration Tool

How many times, how many users have ended up losing their Outlook data just because their tool wasn’t what is should have been? And what is it that an Outlook migration tool should be? It should be the safest, the fastest, the easiest and the most intelligent. This is everything Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is for Outlook mail migration to MBOX (Apple Mail). Before we see how Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool can set things right, let’s see what actually goes wrong in Outlook migration.

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The Vagaries of Outlook Email Migration

  • The Unstable PST Files

If your Outlook data is from an old version wherein the size limit of a PST file is 2GB, you are in for some big conversion trouble. A corrupt file at source, will only a reproduce a corrupt file at end.

  • The Attachments, Embedded Messages and Media

Attached files like images, documents, sheets, embedded messages and other media, etc., may land up distorted after Outlook mail migration when you open the data on your new email client if the conversion hasn’t been done appositely.

  • Diacritics and Double-byte Characters

Characters which are not Latin; scripts like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc., which contain double-byte characters; and languages like French which use diacritics may pose some problems when it comes to Outlook email migration.

  • The Metadata

Metadata – the data about the data – may be most vulnerable to loss during Outlook migration. Data like To, Cc, Bcc, From, size, date, read, unread statuses of the messages may be lost when the data is synced into the new email account and the worst part is that you find that out only when it’s been done.

How Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Proves to be the Just Right Outlook Email Migration Tool

  • pst migration toolRecovers the PST Files. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is one of kind tool that recovers the broken PST files and splits them so they can be stabilised and converted. Thus, when the source file is perfect, the results are also perfect.
  • Is a Complete Outlook Migration Tool for Mac. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool takes care of all attachments, embedded messages and media, along with calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, etc., so that all the data is converted appropriately. With this Outlook email migration tool, you can migrate all your data safely wholly to MBOX.
  • Makes Use of Unicode Conversion. Unicode being the soul of Outlook migration, Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool makes use of it for holistic conversion of data that is not in Latin scripts; or that has double-byte characters and diacritics; and even HTML script. This unique feature makes Apple Mail Import Tool a complete Outlook mail migration tool.
  • Preserves the Metadata. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool takes everything into its stride, making sure that not even metadata is lost. This can only be done by a tool that is intelligent and accurate in its performance.
  • Performs intuitively. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool has an unmatched intuition that keeps your data spic and span even after the Outlook email migration has been done. This makes your job of accessing the data even easier.

So, when Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is everything that an Outlook migration tool for Mac should be, there is no reason why you should procrastinate downloading the genuine free version of this avant-garde tool. Download today!

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