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If you have been pondering over trying PST converter for Mac tool that not only makes PST conversion easy but also safe and accurate, you should be thinking about Digital Tweaks. With Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool you discover the most professional PST converter pro like never before. Apple Mail Import Tool is an amalgam of the best-in-class technology; the wisest know-how; the most striking email migration features; and the economy of price – Somethings you will never find together in any PST converter pro for Mac.

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Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool offers a plethora of conversions,

All rolled into PST converter for Mac that converts:

  • PST to Apple Mail
  • PST to Thunderbird
  • PST to Entourage
  • PST to MBOX format
  • PST to EML format

Besides being such a versatile tool, Apple Mail Import Tool exhibits such striking conversion features as make it the most efficient converter.

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   Striking Features of Digital Tweaks PST Converter Pro

pst converter proApple Mail Import Tool serves its clients with the best email conversion features that any converter can have packed into it.

  • Holistic Conversion with PST Converter for Mac

Apple Mail Import Tool is a holistic PST converter pro for Mac that transfers all messages, contacts, notes, calendar, tasks, appointments, attachments and even metadata most accurately into Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, MBOX or EML.

  • Safe PST Conversion

Apple Mail Import Tool is the safest tool for your Outlook PST data.  With its infallible built-in algorithm that facilitates dynamic and accurate conversion, this tool provides the safest conversion of PST data. It recovers the broken or corrupt PST files before it can make an accurate conversion. It is a PST converter for Mac that not only converts but repairs too.

  • Nothing but the Fastest:

Apple Mail Import Tool converts your PST data to MBOX / EML / EMLX in the blink of an eye. Its speed is the fastest unmatched so far and it can perform up to 50 times faster than any other standard PST converter pro.

  • Intuitive Performance:

Apple Mail Import Tool does the most intelligent job; no confusion; no errors; no user effort; only organised conversion and apple-pie results.

  • Bulk Mail; No Problem:

Apple Mail Import Tool has the knack of handling batch conversion smoothly within an astoundingly short span of time and on a surprisingly large number of Macs and no data missing.

  • Unicode Preservation:

Apple Mail Import Tool uses Unicode conversion. Thus, it never misses out on any kind of data. So, it doesn’t matter if your Outlook mail data is English, French, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or any other script under the sun; your mail will be converted just accurately.

A Convenient Option to Try Digital Tweaks PST Converter Pro Free Version

You can conveniently avail the chance to try Apple Mail Import Tool with least of botheration and for free. You can simply download PST converter pro for free and experience the unrivalled conversion features that are quintessential to Digital Tweaks. This version serves as a curtain raiser to the full version of Apple Mail Import Tool which is available in three different packs. If you find the trial version PST converter pro free impressive, you may choose to buy one of these convenient packages.

  1. Home User Package – for personal use
  2. Small Business Package – for business use
  3. Enterprise Package – for corporate use

Download PST converter for Mac and make 10 conversions, complete with messages, attachments, contacts, calendar entries as well as metadata.

Buy the full version of PST converter pro for Mac and get 100% guaranteed performance or get your money back!

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