PST to EML Conversion – Why Do You Need It?


In today’s modern technology arena, emailing has replaced all other communication systems. This communication system is getting popular because it is free and faster than other older communication methods.

In fact, an email is an electronically created message using a reliable email program and it is instantly sent to the recipient; where an email program enables the users to exchange emails appropriately. For instance, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage etc. are email programs or applications mainly used for desktop access of email messages.

MS Outlook email client: PST to EML Converter

MS Outlook is a popular email program which is mainly used on Windows systems, now this is available with Mac compatible versions also. Microsoft launched its advanced versions that provide services such as email management suitably, keeping the Contact list and Calendar stored, making notes and a lot more. Along with all such benefits, it is a user-friendly client and keeps all the data in PST (Personal Storage Table) format.

However it is commonly recognized that MS Outlook for Windows supports PST format, but the data file mainly supports two distinctive formats i.e. ANSI and Unicode. Generally, the data file format compatibility can be estimated by the email client version; the older versions of Outlook support ANSI version and the newer versions have compatibility with Unicode format. Another main difference between these two distinctive file formats is the size. ANSI format limits the data storage for upto 2 GB data, but in Unicode there is no data size limit as it offers to store data upto 20 GB and even 50 GB for higher versions.

Reasons for email conversion from PST to EML:

Nonetheless, MS Outlook is providing several amazing facilities to the users with its enhanced versions, but there are several reasons insisting the users to switch between the email clients, such as MS Outlook data files get corrupted due to increase in data file size, which are very difficult to manage. Other reasons such as virus attacks, abrupt power failure etc.

Most preferably, the users are making a move from their Windows system to Mac OS X, which demands to switch from Windows Outlook to Macintosh based client application. A number of Mac compatible email applications are catching the attention of users, such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage, Outlook Express Live Mail etc. Switching from MS Outlook to Apple Mail platform enforces the users to transfer PST to EML. Because Outlook Windows supports PST format and Mac Mail is compatible with the EML format ensuring the safety of data precisely.

How to convert PST to EML, Mailbox?

Making a suitable move between the email applications based on distinctive operating systems need a proper solution so that the files don’t get corrupted. PST to EML conversion is similar situation and need an ultimate email conversion application that runs automatically and transits the messages, calendar, contacts etc. from Windows Outlook PST to Mailbox. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool has been competently designed with awesome aspects making certain about flawless and hassle free email conversion. Go through its amazing features and if you find it perfect, download its full version!

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