An Absolute Way to Convert Outlook PST to MBOX Free

pst to mbox converter free

Most of the people always requisite for a free and straightforward solution to administer email conversion tasks, but not any perplexing or tedious way. In fact, they demand 100% accuracy in the outcomes that they obtain after converting the email files from one platform to any other specific one.

Certainly, an easy and quickly working email migration tool is a convenient way out for all web users who want to manage their complicated email transfer process in just a few seconds. There is just one tool that runs at very high pace, transfers the entire set of Outlook PST files in Apple Mail within a blink of an eye and also manages the data in specific folders. Apparently, PST to MBOX Converter sets out the entire data including messages, notes, journals, contact list, and calendar entries etc. in their respective folders and restores them exactly in Mailbox.

Convert PST to MBOX free By Apple Mail Import Tool

Here is an absolute way that a reliable email converter follows and migrates the files explicitly. It is easy and effortless to perform, even the experts assist at every single step. Go through the simplified procedure –

    1. Download Apple Mail Import Tool and launch it.
    2. Simply click on “Add PST files” button on the appearing screen, to select the entire Outlook Windows data that you have exported and moved to Mac system. If you want to select a few files only, you can select them from proprietary folders.
    3. Now, you can see all the PST files that you have selected to move to a particular application. Now, select the file format in which you want to convert your Outlook PST files. If you want to import PST to Mac Mail, choose the compatible format.
    4. Start the export process by clicking on “Export” button. Choose the folder to save converted files to. The conversion process begins at this step.
    5. As the email migration procedure gets completed, a message appears on the screen “Operation completed successfully”.

Nonetheless, the process is simple just like a wizard-driven procedure; the users must want to get a complete knowledge about the facts and concepts on which the application works and how exactly they can acquire the outcomes. Ultimately, the email migration tool is a perfect integration of exceptional and essential attributes, which make sure about the efficiency of the Outlook PST content. Get the way to key aspects of the PST to Mailbox Converter free

  • A secure solution availing the email conversion within a blink of an eye; in fact it works automatically to transfer the entire email content (messages, attachments, contacts, calendar etc.) immediately in a single step.
  • A powerful PST to Apple Mail converter such that it ensures the conversion of bulk size tons of files instantly, with a few clicks only.
  • A self-sufficient way as well as easy to operate on; even it doesn’t require you to be an expert to understand the technology working at the backend.
  • An incredible utility that also retains the non-English content; support for Unicode content.
  • Directly works on the Macintosh and transfers the entire set of folders respectively, for convenient atmosphere in new application.

Apple Mail Import Tool is limited to these aspects; it is a complete license of Outlook PST to Apple Mail migration. Read more about it and then settle on if the tool is seamless to work upon according to your needs.

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