An All New Way to Migrate Outlook to Apple Mail on Your Mac

migrate outlook to apple mail

Here it is, an all new way to migrate Outlook to Apple Mail conveniently and entirely on any of your Mac OS. Outlook to Apple Mail migration tools are something very recent. In the realm of email migration, they have been there for quite some time. And they are here to stay of course, looking at the rate at which Apple machines are getting more popular each day. But since technology has become durable now doesn’t mean it does get improvised any further. Today, the modern-age Outlook to Apple Mail converters are making these conversion safer and even better. Let’s see what Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool offers a

Features of Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool

  • Impeccable Data Safety

Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool is infused with such features as ensure the fool-proof safety for your Outlook data. If you have happened to use Outlook to Mac Mail tools say 5 years ago, then you know how important this feature is today. The present day tools ensure complete conversion with guarantee.

  • Unicode Value Coding

This feature has become a must as it helps supporting the feature of data security. Because today most top platforms use Unicode for programming, if Apple Mail Import Tool is Unicode compatible, it will use ensure exact conversion, especially if the mail contains double-bye type data.

  • Stabilization Facility for PST Files

You will understand this if you have ever used an old version of Outlook in which the limit of the PST files was a mere 2GB. This causes bloating and hence corruption. Now, the modern day converters make sure that they take care of these PST files before converting Outlook to Mac Mail. The converters that are capable of repairing these files produce the most accurate results.

  • Ability for Bulk Conversion

Most of the Windows Mail to MBOX converters today are capable of bulk mail conversion and Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool. At present, tools offer different versions for bulk mail conversions. They give the use the facility of running the converters on multiple machines at the very same time. This saves a lot of time and makes the conversion efficient.

  • Protecting the Hierarchical Structure

A modern trend in Windows Mail to Apple Mail tools is that they are efficient in maintaining the inherent hierarchical structure of the Outlook PST files. This helps the user in filtering, sorting and merging the email in Apple Mail. Apple Mail Import Tool does exactly that.

  • Compatibility

This is a very important and handy feature. Since Outlook to Mac Mail import takes place involving two platforms, the user must have a choice of converters that can be used on either of the platforms, i.e., either Mac or Windows. Digital Tweaks Apple Mail Import Tool will make conversions on all the versions of Mac operating system.

  • Swiftness in Performance

With this best way to import Outlook to Apple Mail you can convert Outlook to Mac Mail up to 50 times faster now than what it used to be a few years ago.

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